ARGUS Innovators

The CRE software solutions you choose matter. What if you could shape the future of your software?

Introducing the ARGUS Innovators. Join a core group of industry professionals to help us develop the software that meets your needs.

We want your input on what’s important to you in your CRE products and solutions suite—and we want to implement your ideas.

Why join the ARGUS Innovators?

Influence the future of CRE through software.

  • Directly influence ARGUS products
  • Gain access to pre-release tools and services
  • Impact prioritization of product features and integrations
  • Form the foundation of all ARGUS product research projects
  • Participate in panel discussions and inform industry analysis
  • Get the insider scoop on what’s coming down the product pipeline

Collaborate and connect with the industry.

  • Interact regularly with our product managers and product team
  • Receive exclusive invites to Altus Group meetings and events, including ARGUS Connect
  • Get the unique opportunity to collaborate with the team powering your critical CRE software products and solutions

Let’s build the future of CRE together. Join the ARGUS Innovators today.

Current & upcoming studies

ARGUS Innovators are the first to know when we launch new studies— sign up  and get on the roster.

Developer app hypothesis validation study

Fall 2019

Our product managers, Tom Hazeldine and Anthony Lisbona, are conducting interviews with development professionals. We want to validate whether our hypothesis for our upcoming developer app resonates with our clients.

Target job roles: Developers, appraisers, development consultants, financial analysts, development managers

Member events

ARGUS Innovators get access to exclusive events with great opportunities to network and stay on the inside track of the CRE industry.

Don’t miss out on our events — sign up for the ARGUS Innovators today to be notified when new ones are scheduled!

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