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Downloading & Installing

I can not download the entire file – only a portion will download?

If you have problems downloading the entire file, try renaming the file when they ‘Save’ dialog box is displayed to an alternate name and location on your PC.

Do I have to install the .Net Framework?

Yes, the .Net Framework version 4.5.2 is required to install, register and operate the latest EstateMaster software.

Can EstateMaster be installed on a network/server?

The only type of server EstateMaster can be installed on for concurrent network access is a Terminal Server using our Client-Server (Floating) CAS Licencing. Contact your System Administrator to find out if the software will install on your server.

Can EstateMaster be installed on an Apple Mac?

Although EstateMaster can not run directly from a Mac, and can not be supported as such; most MAC’s now have ‘Virtual PC’ capabilities which can recreate a Windows environment. There are many EstateMaster clients who are successfully running EstateMaster on a Mac via VMware or Parallels, or via virtual machines on the cloud provided by Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Is there a Cloud-based version of EstateMaster?

Although EstateMaster does not provide a hosted cloud-based solution, you can set up your own Virtual Machine with a Cloud provider, such as Microsoft Azure, and have your own cloud version of EstateMaster.

Does EstateMaster need Microsoft Excel to run?

The latest versions of EstateMaster are developed in an independent spreadsheet user interface that is faster and more stable than Excel, but with many of the same user-friendly functions, such as linking cells together, adding your own formulas to cells, inserting your own worksheets and running goal seeks.

Is EstateMaster compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows?

EstateMaster is compatible with any supported version of Microsoft Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit edition) that supports the .Net Framework. Please check here for the minimum .Net Framework that EstateMaster requires.

What are the system requirements to run EstateMaster?

To install and operate EstateMaster the following hardware & software is recommended as a general guideline:

Hardware For PCs and Notebooks For Terminal Servers (CAS Licenses only)


PC with an Intel Core 2 Duo (3GHz) or Quad (2.4Ghz) minimum processor (or equivalent)

Multiple Dual or Quad Core Processors with a CPU clock speed of at least 2.8Ghz.


4GB RAM recommended minimum.

16GB RAM per server (or approx 2GB/user) recommended minimum.

Display Resolution

1024×768 (1680×1050 or higher recommended)

1024×768 (1680×1050 or higher recommended)


Internet connectivity (for software license activation)

Internet connectivity (for software license activation)
A recommended maximum of 30 users/server


Software For PCs/Notebooks/Terminal Servers running the EstateMaster Software

MS Windows 

Any Windows Operating System that supports Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 (Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 Pro or later -or- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later)

Net Framework

.Net Framework 4.5.2


SQL Server 2008 to 2016 or Express Edition (if using the optional EstateMaster Enterprise Database)

Registration & Activation

When do I have to register the software?

A software license needs to be purchased and registered if you would like to continue using ARGUS EstateMaster after the initial evaluation period. We recommend registering prior to the expiry date to avoid any delays. Once payment has been received, you will be able to activate the license.

What is the process of registering the software?

The process of registering the software has two steps:

  1. Purchase License: Once a license has been purchased, a Serial Number will be issued to register and activate the software.
  2. Registration and Activation: This is where you enter in the Serial Number into the registration wizard. If you are currently connected to the internet, the software will be registered and activated in one step, otherwise you may need to activate the software using an additional ‘offline activation code’.

Can I fill out the Registration Wizard on behalf of another User/PC on my PC?

No. The Registration Wizard needs to be filled out on the PC/Notebook/Server it will be licensed to.

The Registration Wizard asks for my Client ID – where do i get this from?

Your Client ID is displayed on the same email as your Serial Number. Contact us if you have any difficulties, or click here if you have forgotten your Client ID and Password.

I have reformatted my hard disk or reinstalled Windows on my computer and now my initial Serial Number does not work?

You will need to contact Support.

Can I transfer a license from one PC/Notebook/Server to another or from one User to another?

Yes. You will need to ‘deactivate’ the software from the original PC/Notebook/Server before ‘reactivating’ on the new PC/Notebook/Server with the same Serial Number.

Inputting Data

Can I open an older (Excel-based) version of ARGUS EstateMaster DF and DM after installing the latest version?

Yes. For ARGUS EstateMaster DF and DM, there is a function called ‘Import from Previous Version’ available to assist users with this. It allows you to transfer all current data into the latest version.

I have a ‘circular reference’ in the model. What does that mean?

When a formula refers back to its own cell, either directly or indirectly, it is called a ’circular reference’. Excel cannot automatically calculate all open workbooks when one of them contains a circular reference. For example, a formula which calculates mortgage stamp duty as a % of the maximum loan amount would create a circular reference as the mortgage stamp duty would be funded by the loan and thus increasing the maximum loan amount and the mortgage stamp duty. If you have created a circular reference, it is recommended that you undo your last actions until the reference error is removed.

Can I insert or hide cost or revenue input rows?

Yes. The user can expand or contract the size of the model by setting the number of Time Periods or the number of input rows for various cost and revenue sections. Refer to the Operations Manual for the specific product for more more information.

Can I insert blank worksheets in the model?

Yes. Blank worksheets can be inserted, named and deleted by using the ’Custom Worksheet’ function in the ARGUS EstateMaster menu.

Can I link external information from another Excel workbook into ARGUS EstateMaster?

Yes, using the ‘Office Links – Excel’ Integration Module. Having external links however is not recommended for beginner intermediate users. Usually it is more efficient to copy and paste the data into a blank worksheet within the ARGUS EstateMaster file itself to avoid any possible linking problems.

Can I rename the heading of the Input sections?

Only headings that are coloured blue can be renamed.

Do the Land Tax and Stamp Duty tables get automatically updated?

These rates are only updated when a new version of the software is released. Between releases, it is the users responsibility to check and update these rates on a frequent basis.

Viewing Results

Can I hide any of the outputs on the Summary or Cash Flow reports?

Any row on the ’Summary’ sheet can be hidden if not required by deselecting the appropriate row and using the ’Hide Rows’ function. The hidden rows can be reset by using the ’Show Rows’ function. A ‘View Options’ function is available on the Cash Flow reports to hide/show cash flow detail for each section.

When I view the reports, numbers have been replaced with ‘####’ in the cells?

The size of your monitor, its current resolution settings or the Excel page zoom may cause ‘######’ to appear instead of numbers. Print the reports to check to see if the numbers appear when printed. If they do, change the page zoom until you can view the data. If they don’t appear, check your inputs to make sure you have not accidentally entered incorrect data or contact support for assistance.

Printing & Saving

How do I print the reports in the model?

You can print the input and report sheets in the model using the Print function in the ARGUS EstateMaster menu.

How do you convert ARGUS EstateMaster into a PDF document?

In the Print function, instead of clicking on ‘Print’, click on PDF, and a single PDF file with the selected reports will be created. No other third-party software such as Acrobat Distiller or PDF Writer needs to be installed.

How do I save an ARGUS EstateMaster file?

You can only save ARGUS EstateMaster files using the File-Save or File-Save As functions.

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