Finding the right deals is only the beginning —build a faster, leaner acquisitions team.

Enable your team to efficiently construct sound financial models, pitch winning deal strategies, and meet capital deployment targets with ARGUS Acquire.

Industry Challenge

Using spreadsheets to track the status of deals and the overall pipeline health is inefficient. 

How ARGUS Acquire Helps

Deliver a single up-to-date view of the status of each deal as well as pipeline health metrics. 

Industry Challenge

Getting feedback on model assumptions is time consuming and iterative.


What-if analysis enables users to test different ARGUS Enterprise model assumptions on the fly.

Industry Challenge

Finding trustworthy comparables is an ongoing challenge for acquisitions teams.

How ARGUS Acquire Helps

Rapidly search an  internal comps database to ensure that relevant comps are being used.  

Product features

See how  ARGUS Acquire enhances your acquisitions process.

Understand the health of your acquisitions pipeline, at a glance

Staying on top of your capital deployment targets is easy with intuitive pipeline metrics. Leaders can also easily visualise where the value in your pipeline lies – whether there is an even spread of deals across statuses or if deals are concentrated in certain statuses.

Track deal status easily and efficiently

 Teams can see up-to-date statuses of deals at any time via the pipeline view, with the ability to drill-down into deal tasks and identify the remaining work to be done. A configurable list of tasks is automatically populated into every deal. 

Additionally, in-app storage for closed deals creates an easy-to-search internal comps database so users can spend less time combing through spreadsheets and more time on strategic tasks.

Identify and manage deal risk

Leverage the ARGUS calculation engine in the cloud to run “what-if-analysis” on the fly. Answer questions from senior management more quickly while highlighting risks and uncovering hidden opportunities within a deal. 

Leverage ARGUS Enterprise models in ARGUS Acquire

Link ARGUS Enteprise (AE) models to deals in ARGUS Acquire to seamlessly import KPIs and get a comprehensive view of your deals. Then, run a rapid what-if analysis from within ARGUS Acquire to test the impact of different AE model assumptions. 

Drive efficiency in every part of your process.

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ARGUS Acquire in the CRE lifecycle

ARGUS Acquire is specifically targeted to relieve the pains of the CRE acquisitions process – whether it is vetting properties, understanding risk or streamlining deal processes.

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