Powering the next generation of ARGUS applications – store, access, and integrate with ARGUS data to power the specific needs of your CRE organisation.

Put data at the heart of your business strategy with ARGUS Cloud.

Store your ARGUS files and connect  data to the applications that keep your business running, so you can spend less time looking for answers and more time making informed decisions.

Industry Challenge

ARGUS Enterprise models are only accessible when connected to an organization’s network.

How ARGUS cloud Helps

Seamlessly transfer your ARGUS Enterprise models to and from a shared cloud database, accessible anytime.

Industry Challenge

3rd parties such as Property/Lease managers need access to ARGUS Enterprise files to collaborate.

How ARGUS Cloud Helps

Work on models when outside the network and provide access to collaborate with 3rd party providers.

Industry Challenge

Vital data is stored in my CRE applications that can’t be leveraged in other systems and reports.

How Argus cloud Helps

Extend the possibilites of your data with API integrations to access & synch key data points across ARGUS solutions.

Unveiling ARGUS Cloud

Learn about the benefits of adding ARGUS Cloud to your ARGUS Enterprise environment.

Store and collaborate on ARGUS Enterprise models in the cloud

Never worry about the security of your data when backing up or storing ARGUS models. Seamlessly transfer your organisation’s ARGUS Enterprise models to and from a shared cloud database. Access models stored in ARGUS Cloud even when outside of your organisation’s network, provide access to 3rd parties to speed up complex workflows and get access to your files anytime you need it. 

Power the next generation of ARGUS Web Applications

Leverage data stored and the ARGUS industry standard calculation engine in the cloud to power the next generation of ARGUS web applications beginning with ARGUS Acquire. Seamlessly assign your ARGUS Enterprise models to deals to help acquisitions teams identify and manage the risk of their pipeline.

Integrate with key systems

Don’t get stuck trying to leverage vital data across your tech stack. Extend the possibilities of your ARGUS data with future integrations and APIs that will enhance and streamline workflows, sync key information between applications and allow for easy access to ARGUS Enterprise data points in any way you need them.

ARGUS Cloud + ARGUS Enterprise

ARGUS Cloud extends the capabilities of ARGUS Enterprise. Learn more about what ARGUS Enterprise can do for your business.

Take the first step towards the next generation of CRE applications.

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