The next generation of ARGUS has arrived -cloud based infrastructure, intelligent analytics, powerful integrations and all-new ARGUS applications.

Put cloud at the heart of your business strategy.

Connect your data to the applications, tools and people that keep your business running, so you can spend less time dealing with technical complications and more time making informed decisions.

Industry Challenge

Getting up and running with CRE technology can be complicated and expensive.

How ARGUS cloud Helps

Cloud based infrastructure makes setup cheaper, simpler and provides access to files anytime, anywhere.

Industry Challenge

ARGUS Enterprise doesn’t provide me with specialized functionality for my entire team.

How ARGUS Cloud Helps

Built in analytics and additional ARGUS web apps, provide specified tools for any role.

Industry Challenge

Vital data stored in my ARGUS applications can’t be used in other CRE systems and tools.

How Argus cloud Helps

Extend the possibilites of your data with API integrations to access & sync key data points across CRE solutions.

Introducing ARGUS Cloud

Learn about the benefits of adding ARGUS Cloud to your ARGUS Enterprise environment.

IT simplified

Eliminate the need to build and maintain the complex infrastructure required to enable your team. ARGUS Cloud takes care of complex IT requirements and ensures you are always up and running in a way that makes sense for your organization. Store and access models from any location, provide access to any stakeholder and gain access to your files anytime.

Powerful analytics directly in your browser.

Stop wasting time manipulating data to uncover the answers you need. ARGUS Cloud provides intelligent analytics directly from any web browser. From powerful benchmarking to test how assumptions stack up to real world results, to modern dashboards that make it easy to drill down into ad-hoc segments, ARGUS Cloud helps you discover meaningful insights hidden within your data.

Discover new workflows and functionality.

ARGUS Cloud provides the foundation to power the next generation of ARGUS web applications beginning with ARGUS Acquire. Seamlessly assign your ARGUS Enterprise models to potential deals to help acquisitions teams identify and manage the risk of their pipeline.

It’s your data, use it how you want.

Don’t get stuck spending time and money trying to use vital data across your CRE applications. Discover new integrations and APIs that streamline workflows, synch information across applications and allow for easy access to your ARGUS Enterprise data points any way you need it.

ARGUS Cloud + ARGUS Enterprise

ARGUS Cloud extends the capabilities of ARGUS Enterprise. Learn more about what ARGUS Enterprise can do for your business.

Take the first step towards the next generation of CRE applications.

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