Trusted by leading firms to value property, secure capital, manage assets and generate returns.

The global standard for property valuation and the most comprehensive asset and portfolio management solution in the world.

ARGUS Enterprise (AE) solves common industry challenges, helping to keep you and your team ahead of the curve.

With cloud-enabled and on-premise options, AE  helps you deliver results anytime, anywhere.

Industry Challenge

Performing property valuations for investment analysis requires accurate cash flows and models.

How AE Helps

Easily model detailed cash flows, market assumptions and rates to run global valuation methods.

Industry Challenge

Monitoring portfolio performance requires an ongoing consolidation of budgets, actuals and forecasts.

How AE Helps

Directly link property and accounting systems to create a single solution that connects stakeholders.

Industry Challenge

It’s challenging to deconstruct the value of models developed by other organizations for transaction analysis.

How AE Helps

Determine the value of any property with consolidated market data, scenarios and analytics.

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“With our evolving reporting needs, the flexibility of reporting offered by ARGUS Enterprise is invaluable.”


Product features

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Access software anywhere with ARGUS Enterprise On Demand (AOD)

With flexible subscription offerings, zero infrastructure, and compatibility on any device, you can access AE’s powerful tools anytime, anywhere.

Keep budgets (and expectations) on track

Deliver expected returns by making budgets easy to track against targets with a single solution that consolidates actuals, budgets, and forecasts into a single set of performance figures. Now teams can more easily manage deliverables by staying on the same page throughout the project with one set of consolidated figures.

Achieve cash flow clarity

Clarity around your cash flow and its effect on value is critical to understanding performance and finding opportunities for improvement. Whether operating locally or on a global scale, ensure the right decisions are made for every property and portfolio.

Process opportunities faster with enhanced transaction analysis

Stay ahead of the competition by quickly deconstructing property valuations and applying your industry expertise in a single solution. Now consolidating market data, running sensitivity scenarios and positioning properties is even easier so you can capitalize on the best opportunities.

A 360° view on sensitivity and risk management

Drive efficiencies throughout your organization using a centrally-managed solution with portfolio level dashboards and reports to get insight into risks and returns. Easily evaluate multiple scenarios for individual properties or cross-sections of your portfolio and start turning forecasted results into actual returns.

The best of both worlds

Take advantage of the power and sophistication of ARGUS Enterprise while maintaining the flexibility of Excel with our Excel Add-in (XL4ADW). Whether building proprietary models, reports or simply easing the burden of manual data entry, XL4ADW will help you streamline workflows and make it easier to deliver results.

ARGUS Enterprise On-premise

ARGUS Enterprise On Demand

Find a plan that suits your team’s unique needs.

With several licenses for on-premise and on demand delivery, you’ll find a solution that fits your needs.

Join thousands of professionals using ARGUS Enterprise to power the CRE industry.

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ARGUS Enterprise in the CRE lifecycle

ARGUS Enterprise is a comprehensive solution that spans all phases of the CRE lifecycle, making it indisposable to leading firms.

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