All your investments, all your investors, one scalable secure platform. ARGUS Taliance is the most flexible modelling and decision-making platform for alternative investments.

Designed to provide portfolio management teams with a multi-class, multi-asset and multi-industry solution. Collaborate, model scenarios, optimise your investments and improve operational processes in a secure, consistent and auditable platform.

Product features

See how ARGUS Taliance has revolutionised the way teams work.

Consolidate financials and manage risk across your entire business

Gain the ability to unify your heterogeneous data and gain visibility into your business. Capture data from any source at any level including: asset, portfolio and transactional information to see your entire business at a glance.

Fund and investment modeling

Understand your company’s entire portfolio of funds/REITS and visualise complex investment structures globally in one system. Model complex investment structures with equity and debt relationships and manage business structures dynamically over time.

Monitor KPIs

Flexible and transparent reporting provides valuable insights into risks and opportunities to maximise investor returns and performance. Calculate sophisticated waterfall distributions, dividend payouts, and create flexible reports with Excel-like formulas for clients and stakeholders.

Forecasting and risk analysis

Mitigate risk with advanced forecasting and sensitivity tools. Leverage an advanced forecasting engine that provides a complete view of the  future distributions and projected returns and create custom what-if scenarios to test every angle.

Streamline workflows with ARGUS Enterprise

Designed to work with the entire ARGUS Investment suite of products, you can easily connect and push data from ARGUS Enterprise to centralize every detail of your portfolio. When it’s time to report, ARGUS Voyanta’s dedicated investment reports provide powerful visualizations with unlimited flexibility.

Evolve beyond outdated spreadsheets. Join an international client base today!

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