Explore centralized data for game changing results. Gain deeper insight and manage risk with total visibility into your entire portfolio in one consolidated view.

Stop the time consuming communications required to collect vital data from property managers, spreadsheets and data providers.

ARGUS Voyanta (AV) collects, validates and organizes your data so there’s no heavy lifting to get the answers you need.

From entire funds to individual properties, instant insights are available anytime, anywhere.

Industry Challenge

The data required to manage a fund or portfolio lives in silos, making it difficult to draw meaningful connections.

How AV Helps

Consolidate and automate data entry from properties and providers to access everything from a single source.

Industry Challenge

It’s hard to trust if incoming property data has been reviewed for accuracy, completion and is in the right format.

How AV Helps

Have confidence, knowing that all incoming data is formatted and checked for accuracy and completion.

Industry Challenge

It’s challenging and time consuming to piece together and report on the stories buried within data sets in a meaningful way.

How AV Helps

Reports and visualisations built on Tableau provide instant, actionable insights for entire funds and portfolios.

Product features

See why top fund run ARGUS Voyanta to capture and consolidate their data.

Stop searching for up-to-date information

Eliminate inefficient information collection and centralize data into a single platform. Connect third-party accounting and property data systems and standardise workflows to create a single source of information.

Have confidence in your data

Always make well-informed investment decisions with the most accurate and up-to-date performance data. Push your data through critical filters and business rules to ensure that it is complete, clean, and exact so you can confidently make the right choices for your portfolio.

View your portfolio from any angle

Easily navigate, sort, and segment your performance data with a clean and simple user interface to show the successes and vulnerabilities of each part of your portfolio. Offer a transparent view of your portfolio and risks so that stakeholders are never surprised about important actions taken to improve performance.

Report in a way that makes sense to you

Get the best of both worlds when specific projects call for a simplified data management solution to help you remain nimble and highly flexible. Build tailored solutions that maximise the features of ARGUS Voyanta and the time-tested modeling that can be done using Excel—saving you time and expanding your opportunities.

Join the world's top funds using ARGUS Voyanta to power their data and reporting.

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ARGUS Voyanta in the CRE lifecycle

ARGUS Voyanta is designed to help get the insights needed to strategically operate and manage and report on assets.

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