Software consulting

Consulting services that help simplify and streamline your most complex tasks, from valuations and budgeting to financial forecasting and reporting.

Our experienced team of software consultants will work closely with you to understand your business needs and find the right solution to maximise your success.

End-to-end software implementation

Our software implementation services ensure that you get started on the right track with your ARGUS solutions. Our team will install and configure your software, including Chart of Accounts mapping, property scenarios and assets workflows.

Property and portfolio modelling

No time to run models? Let our team of experts manage your models from data validation and migration to running ARGUS models based on your source data.

Business process optimisation

Using industry best practices, our team can help you simplify and streamline your most complex business processes so you can operate more effectively.

ARGUS Report Extraction Solution (ARES)

Use our Report Extraction Solution to easily pull and combine data from ARGUS and 3rd party sources to adjust return calculations, conduct acquisitions analysis and create presentation ready graphs and charts that update automatically with every extraction.

Custom reporting

Whatever your reporting needs, our team will ensure that you can get to the data and information you need with custom-built reports and dashboards.

Integrate all your CRE data

Set up your systems to integrate data and core systems from 3rd party sources to create a single source of truth for operating your CRE assets. 

Your success is our priority.

Put our expertise to use for a stronger and more successful business.

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