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All Regions 23 April 2019 at 2:30 PM CST

How to Slay Your Complex Waterfall Structures

Ongoing management of multi-tier waterfall models can take on nightmarish proportions.

During this webinar, we’ll show you an integrated approach to conquer multi-tier waterfall modeling and upkeep through ARGUS Taliance.

• Simplify the ongoing maintenance of your model – build the calculations once and feed them from multiple systems to incorporate forecast and historical data in one place
• Audit the model quickly on screen for calculations as well as any changes made to your model
• Directly import ARGUS Enterprise cash flow data to drive your actuals and forecast calculations
• Quickly simulate different assumptions such as sales price or sale date and see the effect on your fund

EMEA 9 April 2019 at 10:00am BST

Consolidate and Automate your Data Entry

How much time do you waste manually checking data from external sources?

Aggregation and standardisation of data can be difficult to achieve when large volumes are coming from numerous property managers, across multiple regions and sectors.

For many, this involves hours wasted manually checking for errors and consolidating data into one format to report on asset performance.

Join our webinar to discover ways you can save time and improve your data processes.

EMEA 14 February 2019 at 10:00am GMT

Consolidate, Visualise and Forecast your Real Estate Investments

Produce a more effective and faster process to visualise the ongoing performance of your investments

Learn how ARGUS Taliance can help you:
– Consolidate heterogeneous data from multiple sources
– Understand your entire portfolio of investments through intuitive reports
– Calculate sophisticated financial model and for example generate waterfall distributions
– Create custom formulas on KPIs to achieve your precise performance analysis requirement

Americas 24 January 2019 at 10:30 AM CST

Consolidate and Visualize Your Funds with ARGUS Taliance

During this webinar we will focus on the pains fund managers face to consolidate information across multiple data sources and how to produce a faster, more effective process for visualizing the ongoing performance of your funds.

You will learn how ARGUS Taliance can:

– Streamline investment data collection across external data sources with powerful multi-mapping tools

– Help you understand your company’s entire portfolio of funds through intuitive and editable visual representations

– Generate sophisticated waterfall distribution and dividend payout reports that drive investor confidence

– Drill down on the data points to understand the “who, when, where and what” that impact your results

– Generate custom formulas on KPIs to achieve your precise performance analysis requirements

Americas 22 January 2019 at 2:00 PM CST

Getting Max Mileage Out of Your Budget Forecast with ARGUS Enterprise

This webinar will put you and your team in the best position to leverage your completed budget forecast in order to make budget tracking and reforecasting a snap! What you will learn from attending:

  • An effective method for interacting with property managers and asset managers in AE to track the actuals data you need
  • How to quickly apply aggregated actuals data to budget tracking, reforecasting, etc.
  • Tips on key AE reports and cash flow functionality that boosts budget visibility

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