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APAC 8 May 2019 at Available On Demand

Drowning in Disparate Property Management and Valuation Data?

‘The Top 3 Things Affecting Your Ability To Collect, Validate and Report On Data – And How You Can Fix Them’

Join us in our upcoming Knowledge Series webinar as we share our insights on how you can overcome one of the hardest challenges facing CRE professionals today – how can you save time collecting and validating data so that you can spend more time making smarter decisions.

In this webinar we will cover industry best practices and a demonstration in ARGUS Voyanta looking at:

  • Key challenges faced when dealing with disparate sources of property management and valuation data
  • Industry best practices to ensure your property data is efficiently collected, validated and and reported
  • Practical demonstration in ARGUS Voyanta showing you how you can automate data collection, validation and gain greater visibility of your data through our powerful Tableau reporting and dashboards
EMEA 9 April 2019 at 10:00am BST

Consolidate and Automate your Data Entry

How much time do you waste manually checking data from external sources?

Aggregation and standardisation of data can be difficult to achieve when large volumes are coming from numerous property managers, across multiple regions and sectors.

For many, this involves hours wasted manually checking for errors and consolidating data into one format to report on asset performance.

Join our webinar to discover ways you can save time and improve your data processes.

APAC 15 August 2018

Introducing ARGUS Voyanta

In this webinar, you will learn how about ARGUS Voyanta, our data aggregation, validation and reporting tool. Gain visibility into your entire portfolio and stop the time-consuming back and forth between property managers, spreadsheets, and market-data providers.

EMEA 2 August 2018

ARGUS Voyanta® Overview and Recent Enhancements

Learn how centralised data can produce game-changing results. Join us for this webinar on our ARGUS Voyanta solution, a data aggregation, validation and reporting tool.

This webinar covers:

  • How to import data into Voyanta
  • The data validation process
  • Showcase the new tableau reporting
  • Introduce new features like our managed service, updated UI for data management and self-service reporting
EMEA 17 May 2018

ARGUS Voyanta: An Overview

This webinar will introduce you to ARGUS Voyanta, a data aggregation, validation and reporting tool. It will provide you with an overview of the solution, including:

  • Consolidate and import data from multiple data sources into ARGUS Voyanta
  • Data validation rules, warnings, alerts and errors
  • System integrations
  • Access visual dashboards and reports

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