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EMEA 24 September 2019 at 11h30 (heure de Paris)

Contrôlez facilement vos projets de promotion immobilière et rationalisez vos processus budgétaires

La gestion des flux de trésorerie est l’un des facteurs les plus importants pour la réussite d’un projet de promotion immobilière. Les coûts et les difficultés de financement peuvent souvent provenir d’une succession d’actions. Il est donc crucial de les identifier rapidement pour en minimiser l’impact.

Participez au webinar pour découvrir les outils qui peuvent vous aider à suivre vos budgets par rapport aux dépenses réelles, afin de garantir la transparence de votre projet de promotion immobilière.

EMEA 24 September 2019 at 10:30 Uhr

Vereinfachen Sie die Überwachung und Budgetierung von Bauprojekten

Präzises Cashflow-Management ist einer der wichtigsten Erfolgsfaktoren eines Bauprojekts. Kosten- und Finanzierungsprobleme resultieren häufig aus einer Reihe von Faktoren und es ist entscheidend, dass diese frühzeitig erkannt werden, um die Auswirkungen zu minimieren. Schauen Sie sich dieses kostenlose Webinar an, um die Tools zu entdecken, mit denen Sie Ihre Budgets anhand der tatsächlichen Daten verfolgen können, um einen klaren Überblick über Ihr Entwicklungsprojekt zu erhalten.

Dauer: 30 Minuten.

EMEA 12 September 2019 at 10:00am BST

ARGUS Acquire Software Preview

Remove inefficiencies from every phase of the acquisition process with ARGUS Acquire.

Join us for a preview of ARGUS Acquire. During this webinar, learn how ARGUS Acquire gives acquisitions teams the ability to:

– Gain unparalleled and instant visibility into the deal pipeline health
– Utilise ‘what-if’ analysis to rapidly understand the impact of changing some key assumptions on the model KPIs
– Visualise where the value lies in the pipeline to easily judge the urgency of opportunity screening
– Drill down to the details of a specific deal’s tasks to view remaining work and any potential obstacles to overcome
– Automatically update ARGUS Acquire when changes have been made to the ARGUS Enterprise models

EMEA 5 September 2019 at 10:00am BST

What’s new in ARGUS Enterprise 12.0 (EMEA)

The latest version of ARGUS Enterprise features a cloud deployment making it the most accessible and powerful version to date, allowing users to set-up and work with teams, use existing data, and leverage new functionality and applications.

During this webinar, our ARGUS subject matter expert will run through the key features of ARGUS Enterprise 12.0 and how you can make the most out of the latest version.

– ARGUS Enterprise powered by Cloud: The benefits and flexibility of having a cloud-based environment of ARGUS Enterprise
– Ability to benchmark assumptions and discover insights with portfolio-level dashboards
– Additional valuation methods for the German and French markets

EMEA 27 August 2019 at 10:00am BST

Simplify and streamline your real estate budgeting process

Planning and managing your real estate budget is a valuable and strategic task, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be time consuming and frustrating.
With the correct tools, you can reduce your budgeting cycle, monitor performance and react to unexpected costs earlier, ensuring you are maximising your returns.

Join our webinar to see how you could save time by optimising your budgeting process

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