A platform that lets you do more with your ARGUS data — find deeper insights, collaborate across teams and streamline project workflows.

Whether you’re a long-time ARGUS user or you’re just exploring our offerings, ARGUS Cloud has rich features and functionality that will make you rethink what’s possible with CRE software.

Get more from ARGUS with one powerful platform.

Put ARGUS Cloud at the heart of your technology strategy with a platform that extends ARGUS Enterprise to the cloud and enables you to do more with ARGUS applications.

Why Cloud?

Learn more about the benefits of starting on ARGUS Enterprise powered by Cloud.

Collaborate across teams.

Centralize your data, tools and the people that keep your business running with a single access point to your tools and data. ARGUS Cloud makes it easy to access and collaborate on projects with internal and external teams.

Powerful reporting and analytics tools.

Discover meaningful insights hidden within your data using intelligent analytics tools accessed directly from any web browser, with powerful benchmarking tools, portfolio dashboards, and more.

Connect to web applications.

ARGUS Cloud enables the next generation of ARGUS web applications, beginning with ARGUS Acquire. Seamlessly assign your ARGUS Enterprise models to prospective deals to increase visibility into your acquisitions pipeline and close deals faster.

Complete investment visibility.

Create a direct line from asset performance to investor returns with the ARGUS Investment Suite. ARGUS Cloud brings together ARGUS Taliance, ARGUS Enterprise and ARGUS Voyanta to create a global asset and investment management solution.

Unlock your data.

Easily push and pull ARGUS data to connect your CRE applications. ARGUS Cloud provides APIs and connections to streamline workflows and allow access to your data, any way you need it.

Simplify IT infrastructure.

Eliminate the complex IT infrastructure required to enable your business. ARGUS Cloud ensures you and your team are always up and running anytime, anywhere.

ARGUS Enterprise Powered by Cloud.

ARGUS Cloud extends ARGUS Enterprise to the cloud and provides enhanced functionality for asset and portfolio management teams. See what ARGUS Enterprise can do for your business.

Take the first step towards the next generation of CRE applications.

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