Create a direct line from asset performance to investor returns.

ARGUS comes together as the premier investment suite that gives instant access to actual performance and predictive sensitivity analytics for direct and indirect real estate investments.

A comprehensive workflow for your investment needs.

From investment structures, waterfalls, and deal pipeline to day-to-day value creation, ARGUS investment suite makes it easy to operationalise the fund strategy and understand the impact of critical decisions on cash, tax, distributions and returns. 

Key benefits

Improve collaboration

Streamline workflows across your business so teams spend more time working together on delivering outcomes and less time passing files back and forth.

Simplify complex modelling

Account for unique investor requirements and ensure returns are delivered with auditable models from funds to individual assets.

Gain performance visibility

Understand the impact of individual asset performance on portfolio, funds, and investor returns so you can make smarter real-time decisions without having to wait.

Simplify reporting

Quickly create ad-hoc or standardised reports that meet unique stakeholder needs from management to investors without having to wait for teams to roll information up.

Data management

Spend less time tracking down data across your organisation. 

Start realising the benefits of a complete investment management solution today

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