3: Build | Buy

Manage risk, understand potential returns, and effectively manage projects and workflows whether you are building, buying or redeveloping a commercial asset.

Whether you are building or buying a property, it is critical to get the best asset for your investment or development strategy. 

Industry Challenge

Interactions with investment committees are inefficient and time consuming.

How ARGUS Helps

Rapid what-if analysis on acquisitions deals makes interactions with the IC faster and more effective.

Industry Challenge

It takes many inputs to find the highest and best use for a property or tract of land. 

How ARGUS Helps

Run all scenarios for a potential development to determine the project with the best return on investment. 

Industry Challenge

Getting a clear view across multiple deals or development projects can be challenging.

How ARGUS Helps

Intuitive dashboards, KPIs and reports ensure teams always know the status of their projects or pipeline. 

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Find the right assets to fit your investment strategy

Find the assets or development projects that will garner the highest return on investment. Use feasibility assessments and what-of analyses to find the deal and development scenarios that will grow the value of your portfolio. 

Efficiently manage projects and workflows

Ensure you are meeting stakeholder expectations and delivering results. Keep your development projects on track and on time with end-to-end development management, despite project complexity. 

For acquisitions teams, drive efficiency in your deal management processes with smart workflows and tools designed to keep you on track to your capital deployment targets.

Keep stakeholders in the loop

Investors, lenders, investment committees, contractors – whoever your stakeholders are, ensure that they have the information they need at every stage with useful dashboards, KPIs and reports.

Manage your development projects and acquisitions processes more effectively with these ARGUS products:

ARGUS products enable teams to meet challenges at every stage of the commercial real estate lifecycle. Find the best solutions to overcome your challenges within our product ecosystem. 

ARGUS Acquire

Get unparalleled insight into your deal pipeline and drive efficiency in every stage of your acquisitions process with ARGUS Acquire. 

ARGUS Developer

ARGUS Developer enables teams to effectively raise capital, monitor and report on your development projects to drive the best possible outcomes.

ARGUS EstateMaster

Get your projects off the ground with detailed development feasibility analyses, project management and consolidated reporting across all your development projects.

ARGUS Enterprise

Onboard, evaluate and stress test a model of potential acquisitions to understand the inherent value and assess whether an asset fits into your overal portfolio strategy.

Altus Group services offerings

With an array of services offerings tailored to the CRE industry,  Altus Group provides the expertise you need to run your CRE assets.

Altus Group data offerings

Altus Group provides an array of proprietary and third party data offerings and tools to give you the information you need to make strategic decisions. 

Development and acquisitions in the CRE lifecycle

Manage risk, understand potential returns, and effectively manage projects and workflows whether you are building, buying or redeveloping a commercial asset.

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