7: Dispose

Maximise the opportunity for value and ensure you get the best overall returns when it’s time to sell your commercial real estate assets.

Performing due diligence prior to disposing of a property is crucial to ensure that you are getting the best possible returns on your investment exit strategy.

Industry Challenge

Understanding the best time to sell an asset.

How ARGUS Helps

Using sensitivity analysis to model out different market scenarios can help build a strategic exit plan. 

Industry Challenge

Appropriately pricing an asset can be complex.

How ARGUS Helps

Understand the value of your assets relative to comparables in the market.

End-to-end solutions like ARGUS Enterprise give teams the tools they need to run due diligence during the dispositions process.

Learn more about dispositions:

Understand the value of your commercial property

Perform dispositions due diligence and get a clear understanding of what your asset is worth with tools like ARGUS Enteprise.  Comparable returns on similar properties and for alternative investments, along with the risks associated with the leases, will be the most important factors in determining the best price.

Get the best return on investment for your asset

Recognising where your asset is positioned and forecasting income and returns that a potential buyer could expect will maximise the chances for a successful transaction.

Propel your dispositions processes to the next level with these ARGUS products:

ARGUS products enable teams to meet challenges at every stage of the commercial real estate lifecycle. Find the best solutions to overcome your challenges within our product ecosystem. 

ARGUS Enterprise

To set price and gauge offers, gain a clear understanding of the value of your assets with ARGUS Enterprise. 

ARGUS Acquire

Get ready to bring on your next asset with ARGUS Acquire’s comprehensive set of tools designed to make the acquisitions process easy and efficient.

Altus Group services offerings

With an array of services offerings tailored to the CRE industry,  Altus Group provides the expertise you need to run your CRE assets.

Altus Group data offerings

Altus Group provides an array of proprietary and third party data offerings and tools to give you the information you need to make strategic decisions. 

Dispositions in the CRE lifecycle

Maximise the opportunity for value and ensure you get the best overall returns when it’s time to sell your commercial real estate assets.

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