1: Plan

Determine the feasibility of new developments, funds and acquisitions to make the best decisions on where your investments will have the greatest ROI.


Leave no stone unturned. Create and decipher dynamic cash flow models that capture every angle of  a new development or established asset. When every strategic decision depends on the accuracy of your models, being able to create a flexible yet accurate model is essential to the success of any new project.

Industry Challenge

Understanding investment structures can be complex and difficult to model.

How ARGUS Helps

Model complex sources of equity and debt for complete transparency into investor returns.

Industry Challenge

Development feasibility requires creating multiple “what-if?” scenarios.

How ARGUS Helps

Easily model development timescales, phases, and finances for complete feasibility analysis.

Industry Challenge

Creating economic models of my portfolio is challenging with old technology and systems.

How ARGUS Helps

Model property development with built in sensitivity and risk analysis.

Learn more about planning:

Model investment structures no matter how complex

Capture data from any source to understand your company’s entire portfolio of funds and visualise complex investment structures globally in one system. Model complex investment structures with equity and debt relationships and manage business structures dynamically over time. 

Ensure new developments are built for success

Model potential developments with ease using tools for complete feasibility analysis and assessment. Understand the implications of changes to a project’s financial plans and timescales and phases without the long analysis of building out scenarios in  multiple speadsheets that can easily break. 

Setup or onboard any portfolio or asset

Directly connect to accounting and property management solutions via direct API connections. Quickly build lease-level models from scratch using simple input screens. Build out details including: basic property information, market comps, revenues and expenses, tenant leases, ground leases, assumptions, and investment structures.

Propel your planning to the next level with these ARGUS products:

ARGUS products enable teams to meet challenges at every stage of the commercial real estate lifecycle. Find the best solutions to overcome your challenges within our product ecosystem.

ARGUS Enterprise

The most comprehensive asset and portfolio management solution in the world. Trusted by leading investment firms to value property, secure capital, manage assets, and generate wealth.

ARGUS Developer

Avoid time-consuming, error-prone spreadsheets while gaining transparency into development projects so all stakeholders remain confident your projects will deliver expected returns.

ARGUS EstateMaster

Achieve the best financial outcome for your development project with a corporate level view of your entire portfolio with comprehensive dashboards and over 40 out of the box reports.

ARGUS Taliance

Don’t choose between flexibility and data security to make informed decisions. Designed to provide portfolio management teams with the most flexible yet secure investment modelling and decision-making platform.

Altus Group services offerings

With an array of services offerings tailored to the CRE industry,  Altus Group provides the expertise you need to run your CRE assets.

Altus Group data offerings

Altus Group provides an array of proprietary and third party data offerings and tools to give you the information you need to make strategic decisions. 

Planning in the CRE lifecycle

Determine the feasibility of new developments, funds and acquisitions to make the best decisions on where your investments will have the greatest ROI.

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