2: Raise capital

Provide the iron-clad business cases and supporting models needed to raise funds.

Make your commercial real estate investment or development plans a reality. Ensure that you have the best possible offering to instill confidence and raise capital – whether it be equity, debt or alternative financing.

Industry Challenge

Securing funding for development projects is increasingly difficult and often requires alternative lenders.

How ARGUs Helps

Build airtight feasibility studies to demonstrate project ROI and viability to investors and lenders. 

Industry Challenge

It is challenging to raise capital from different sources, particularly for non-core assets.

How ARGUS Helps

Clear reporting and sightlines ensure that investors and lenders know what to expect from your deal or project. 

Industry Challenge

Different lenders and investors have varying levels of risk tolerance for their loans and investments. 

How ARGUS Helps

Perform sensitivity analysis to identify and manage risk before approaching potential investors. 

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Understand potential risks and returns

Bring the best possible investment or development scenarios to the table by understanding the potential risks and returns on investment. Tools like ARGUS Enterprise or ARGUS Developer enable teams to model out potential scenarios and find the best investment or project opportunity for your investors/lenders.

Provide clear ROI and build investor or lender trust

Don’t just tell your investors or lenders that you have a great investment opportunity, show them. Make sure that you have an iron-clad business case with reasoned capital and transactional structures that make sense for everyone. 

Ensure you have the right business case to secure financing with these ARGUS products:

ARGUS products enable teams to meet challenges at every stage of the commercial real estate lifecycle. Find the best solutions to overcome your challenges within our product ecosystem. 

ARGUS Enterprise

ARGUS Enterprise provides a complete view of your portfolio, including the ability to monitor ongoing performance and valuations for investor review.

ARGUS Developer

Secure the right capital from investors and lenders on terms that align to each unique development scenario with ARGUS Developer.

ARGUS EstateMaster

Build iron-clad proformas and development  feasibility studies so you can gain and maintain investor and lender confidence with ARGUS EstateMaster.

ARGUS Taliance

Remove spreadsheet risk, improve compliance and raise more capital with ARGUS Taliance.

Altus Group services offerings

With a selection of services offerings tailored to the CRE industry,  Altus Group provides the expertise you need to run your CRE assets.

Altus Group data offerings

Altus Group provides an array of proprietary and third party data offerings and tools to give you the information you need to make strategic decisions. 

Raising capital in the CRE lifecycle

Build  the iron-clad business cases and supporting models needed to build investor and lender confidence and raise funds.

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