6: Report

Gain the insights you need to understand every inch of your organisation. From cash flows to changing market conditions, uncover the stories hidden within the walls of any property or portfolio in your organisation.

Your organisation is full of vital information but when it’s time to share with investors, management, and partners, knowing it’s accurate and up to date can cause unnecessary headaches.

Industry Challenge

It takes days to consolidate information from multiple sources into reports.


Leverage a data warehouse designed to specifically consolidate and validate CRE data.

Industry Challenge

Finding actionable insights in a mass of data is a whole job’s worth of analysis and preperation.


Reports, dashboards and visualisations present KPIs in the way that makes sense to you.

Industry Challenge

Out of the box reports aren’t always able to handle the demands of certain organisations.


Build custom reports without long IT cycles or access the raw data for additonal manipulation.

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Data you can rely on, insights you can trust

Bring down the silos that house your various sources of data. Merge and centralize information from property managers, financial systems and third-party providers to piece together the big picture of your portfolio performance. Never worry if the data is accurate or up-to-date, automatic data imports ensure the data makes sense on its way in and is updated on an on-going basis.

Tell the right story no matter who the audience

Always trust your data to be actionable without the hours needed to make sense of a large data set. ARGUS solutions take care of the challenging analysis and serve up a variety of pre-built reports and dashboards that ensure you are always providing actionable insights no matter who the audience From cash flows and valuations to leasing, there is an ARGUS report for every stage of your CRE life cycle.

No restrictions and no limitations

Leverage multiple solutions to take your reporting abilities even further. Build custom reports without the help of IT and configure dashboards to highlight and display info about any property or portfolio in the way that makes sense for your organisation. Alternatively, export the raw data straight from your solutions and run proprietary analysis on the same validated data in Excel.

Elevate your reporting capabilities with these ARGUS products:

ARGUS products enable teams to meet challenges at every stage of the commercial real estate lifecycle. Find the best solutions to overcome your challenges within our product ecosystem.

ARGUS Voyanta

Connect all your data into a single data warehouse designed specifically for Commercial Real Estate, with filters and rules to ensure your data is always accurate and up-to-date. 

ARGUS Enterprise

Gain the insights you need to understand cash flows, valuations and how changing market conditions will impact property performance. 

ARGUS Developer

Get the big picture on how every development project in your portfolio is performing individually and as part of the whole. 

ARGUS EstateMaster

Achieve the best financial outcome for your development project with a corporate level view of your entire portfolio with comprehensive dashboards and over 40 out of the box reports.

Altus Group services offerings

With an array of services offerings tailored to the CRE industry,  Altus Group provides the expertise you need to run your CRE assets.

Altus Group data offerings

Altus Group provides an array of proprietary and third party data offerings and tools to give you the information you need to make strategic decisions. 

The CRE lifecycle

From cash flows to changing market conditions, uncover the stories hidden within the walls of any property or portfolio in your organisation.

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